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How to Make Money Online

Internet has definitely transformed our world. From a street smart’s perspective, Internet has ushered a new era of knowledge that was confined in the walls of libraries around the world. It has also made harder for biased journalism to twist facts and control collective intelligence.

Internet has also morphed into a viable platform to make money online. Plethora of articles float around the subject of how to make money online. Countless bloggers teach you to make money online.

My friend Jonathan Fields sent me his book when it went to press several years ago. Career Renegade is a book for you if you aspire to profit from your passion.

How to Profit from Your Passion

You should do what you love and love what you do. That’s the mantra worth living for. Without passion, you succumb to mediocrity easily as no man can ever find happiness from work that lacks his passion.

The key is to find your passion first. What will you do even if you don’t get paid? As a business person, I have seen many who embarked on their entrepreneurial journey simply by choosing what they thought was the most lucrative opportunity around. Most have failed miserably.

Instead, think about what excites you most and start sharing your knowledge on the Internet. Soon, you won’t need a résumé because surprisingly more jobs will be offered to you without having a single resume. That’s the power of creating your own opportunity.

Find the Information Gap

Think about services and products built around your passion to start an online business. Try to find services or products that can improve lives of others. But most importantly, make sure that there is enough demand for the service or product that you want to offer online.

David Riklan launched SelfGrowth.com after he quit his full-time job to pursue his passion for personal development. His blog struggled to make money, so he committed to learn more about the top people in the personal development field.

Soon he realized that there was a need for a catalog of each successful person and  their philosophies. He worked tirelessly to create a comprehensive directory and gave it a name, Self-Improvement: The Top 101 Experts that Help Us Improve Our Lives.

Within the first twenty four hours, four thousands e-books were sold, generating over $100,000 in revenue.

Jonathan has featured many average people who have turned their passion into a successful business.

I know two great friends who have turned their passion into a great living by creating community and offering excellent courses online.

My friend Mary Jaksch has turned her passion for people and for teaching how to become an A-List blogger into a profitable business. Her A-List blogging bootcamp has grown into a six-figure income in a very short time.  She found her passion and she also found that there was a need for aspirant bloggers to have training to turn their passion into profits.

Another friend, Liz Strauss has also turned her passion for conversation into a thriving business online. Her successful-blog.com was launched merely to create a community of like minded people who can join and share their thoughts via comments on Liz’s blog. She used to ask a question and used to open her comment section as free-for-all so that anyone can join the conversation. Instead of using Google Adsense to monetize her blog, she started consulting and then launched SOBCon(Successful and outstanding bloggers conference) which attracted many bloggers to attend an annual conference in Chicago.

 Learn to Share Your Knowledge

This book was written before Chandoo.org was launched. I admire Chandoo for showing the world that you can be in a remote village in India and still manage to create a thriving community of those who love to learn Excel. If you are Excel enthusiast, you will feel passion Chandoo has for learning and sharing Excel, and that’s the hallmark of making a great living by doing what you love.

Build Upon What You Know

In order to create a thriving community online, you have to find your passion and then use that passion to expand your knowledge. You may have to spend countless hours reading and researching about your passion. The fun part is that you won’t be alone in this journey. You will have a community to exchange your ideas and build upon your knowledge a day at a time.

In few short years, you will know more than a majority of people. You will become a knowledge magnet.

Although I have not made much money online, so I don’t know if I am qualified to discuss how to make money online. Nonetheless, I needed to write a review for this excellent book by my friend Jonathan.

Readers:  Have you thought about ways to make money online? Have you found your passion? Have you found information gap that you can leverage to monetize? 

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Comments (2)

I like this article about picking something that someone would actually care about, something popular enough to generate interest. However, I would also suggest something very specialized. If you were to create a blog, ebook, and represent yourself on the most esoteric or niche topic, you could easily bring yourself forward as the only expert on the topic. When others discover it, they will quote you and acknowledge you as the expert. I know a couple of people who have done this and it has landed them numerous television appearances and magazine features. Just some thoughts.

This reminds me of the Jim Carrey quote about his dad who told him to follow his passion: he said you can do something you hate all your life and still fail, so why not do something you love?

Life’s too short to live it any other way…