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5 Creative Ways to Save Money with Everyday Things You Own

Have you ever thought to shine your wedding ring with baking soda? Do you know that WD-40 can not only lubricate rusty nuts, but can also remove jumbo crayon spot from your son’s pocket?

I am a devout frugal. While frugality is the essential habit for your financial well-being, it also makes you a creative person to save money from everyday things you already have.

Over the years, I’ve experimented with many ways to get more life out of things otherwise most people don’t consider useful. It works for me, and it is fun to save money.

I am not a scientist as these creative ways were devised by people smarter than I am; nonetheless, I have stolen their creative ideas to save money when I can to prove their intended use.

1. Removes crayon from walls


My younger daughter used to put her creative art on walls with crayons in her early years. She even once left a jumbo blue crayon in her pocket; and it made it into and through the dark wash, putting bits of blue wax all through her clothes. You may have only used WD-40 to lubricate rusty nuts, but same can of WD-40 spray can remove crayon stains from walls, and it can also remove crayon wax from clothes. These are not the only uses of magic WD-40; look at this list of amazing ways you can use that small can of WD-40 sitting in your garage.


2. Glass cleaning with newspaper

I own hotels so I’ve experimented many ways to save money for the streak free glass cleaning. Once I found out that newspaper works amazingly well with weak solution of vinegar and water, I started saving every copy of USA TODAY for the next day cleaning crew. Try your old newspaper for a streak free glass cleaning instead of spending money on expensive glass cleaner next time. It will work.


3. Deodorize with baking soda

Baking soda can not only make yummy chocolate chip cookies, but can also deodorize garbage can. Sprinkle  the bottom of the pail, and then sprinkle again after you put a new bag in. You will never have stinky garbage can. Do you know that you can also whiten and clean your teeth with baking soda? I use baking soda regularly to brush my teeth, and it has worked well to whiten my teeth. Most of us only use baking soda for cooking, but it has plethora of non cooking usage that you can benefit from. So — next time — before you spend your money on clogged drainer, try 1/4 cup of baking soda along with hot water to see if that saves you money.


4. Remove car dent with plunger

Have you dreaded out-of-pocket expense when someone left a dent on the side of your new car in a parking lot? I have. But, worry not. Try this simple solution before paying a body shop to fix the dent on your car. Take a wet plunger and place it over the dent. Then create suction by pumping it few times. Pull the plunger over the dent sharply after the suction gets created. With little luck, you may save a trip to the body shop and good bit of money too!



5. Mouthwash with Hydrogen Peroxide

Do you know that hydrogen peroxide mixed with water can work as effectively as any expensive mouth wash you can buy from the nearest drug store? It can not only be effective way to kill mouth germs, but also to whiten your teeth. Hydrogen Peroxide can also be used to clean toilets along with vinegar. It has also been used for the wood cleaning. I’ve used it as furniture polish to remove tough stains from the wooden surfaces. You can also use it straight as a gargle for sore throat as well as to heal up your teeth/gums after a visit to the dentist.


I’ve personally tried these tricks, and they work. You can save boatload of money by thinking out of the box to use things you already have instead of spending money on brand name glass cleaner or mouth wash. It’s the ultimate frugal way to save money and environment with fun. Don’t you agree?

Do you have more ideas to save money with everyday things you’ve used?

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Comments (20)

WD40 is great stuff. I use it to clean my motorbike. works beautifully and help prevent rust.

Agreed. WD-40 is amazing stuff. It has many more worthwhile usage that most of us are not aware of.

I’ve never heard of #4, but if it works what a huge money saver! I’ve also read stories before about all the potential uses of Crisco…hmmm I smell a post idea :)

Steve, #4 works for minor dents. I’ve never heard about Crisco, but I am not surprised. It will be fun to read your article! :)

These are some very interesting money saving strategies. I like #1 and #5, but was floored by #4. I have to remember to try it.

Anthony, the plunger trick on dents works for small dents. I am not sure about major dents. I’ve tried this trick on a small dent successfully. It’s worth trying before paying big bucks to the body shop.

This is a great list that works!

I’ve personally used #2 and #3. Actually, I still use the newspaper to clean the mirrors/windows. They work so much better than anything else! They never leave streaks or the particles from paper towels!

If I ever have kids and need to erase crayon, I’ll be sure to give the WD-40 a shot.

Jason, You are correct about streak free glass cleaning with newspaper. It works! :)

I always enjoy reading about frugality because your right, it is necessary for anyone’s financial well-being.

Personally, I have only tried hydrogen peroxide as mouth wash. It leaves bitter after tastes but it’s highly effective for mouth sores and bacteria! Thanks for sharing this post!

Kolton, I agree with you about frugality. Thanks for stopping by.

I didn’t know about cleaning a ring with baking soda. Interesting. I also lovvve WD40 I use it to get stains out of everything. I use it on my hands too when I have grease or something on them from working on the lawnmower. For clothes I get the stain out then I put dish soap on it right away because sometimes it yellows a little if you let the WD sit on there too long.

Looks like you already know good many tricks. Kudos!

Great tips..
I am definitely going to try the plunger one on a dent that has been in the family vehicle for a few weeks.

Yeah, I’d love to know if the trick works! I’ve tried it on a small dent and it did work.

really liked #4. A very simple solution to very common problem

Thank you Karunesh.

I had never heard of cleaning crayon with WD-40 I have crayon on one of my walls that I can’t get off. Hopefully that will remove it.

Katie – Let me know if it worked or not.

Hi Shilpan,

I think you’ve saved me a couple of hundred pounds with number #4. Couldn’t thank you enough! :)

Thank you!