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10 Frugal Habits to Help You Look Younger and Live Longer

The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not. — Mark Twain

Have you dreaded looking in the mirror so that you might avoid the sight of some wrinkles on your face? Have you dreamed about a magical mineral or vitamin to regain your youth? We all have.

We are conditioned to believe that, as we grow older, our physical and mental decline is inevitable. If we learn to escape the prison of our own thoughts, we can learn to choose healthy frugal habits to help us look younger and feel healthier than others in our age group.

Our expectations drive our experience. If we expect to live longer and look younger, our experience will resonate with our expectations by helping to improve manual dexterity, vision and hearing. Our traditional beliefs about the aging process are the reflection of our own habits or thoughts. Those who look and feel younger than their age have mastered the habits of a healthy and ageless life. I have explored these habits and I’m convinced beyond doubt that — if we live a simple and happy life with healthy habits — we don’t need to resort to plastic surgery or weight loss surgery to look younger and feel better.

Aging is a natural process. Nothing can stop it. By adopting these habits, however, you can help slow down the pace of aging and degeneration, and should be able to renew and revitalize your mind, body and spirit.

It shouldn’t cost you an arm and leg to look younger and feel happier. I have some frugal habits to help you look hot while keeping cool cash in your pocket.

1. Bathe with Olive Oil.

We know that Olive oil is healthy for cooking,  but it is also good for your skin. Skin is made up of mainly fat, and you need high quality fats and oils from natural sources such as an Olive Oil, which is an excellent source of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Apply small amounts of Olive oil to moisturize dry skin, chapped lips, feet, elbows and your face. Olive oil resembles the natural oil that our body produces. You can also improve hair conditioning by soaking and rinsing your hair with it. It is inexpensive as well.

2. Eat healthy.

A healthy diet has a balanced intake of complex carbohydrates, protein and fats. Whole-wheat pasta, beans, brown rice, potatoes all provides complex carbohydrates, which are very beneficial for your body. Complex carbohydrates keep control over hunger by preventing your blood-sugar level from dropping. Scientists have found that the use of complex carbohydrates is most effective for weight loss for a simple reason — complex carbohydrates will control your hunger and give energy as your body is burning them more efficiently. Vegetables and marine (fish and shellfish) sources of protein are best for your heath and vitality.
Pasta, wheat bread, beans, and salads are also fiber rich. Fiber cleans your intestine and colon by moving unwanted substances quickly. This is important not only in fighting colon cancer but also in improving weight loss and making the skin glow. Eating fiber rich food with plenty of drinking water is a healthy formula for a great looking body and skin as well.

3. Drink Water.

Drinking plenty of water instead of calorie filled sodas is a healthy habit for not only weight loss,  but also for achieving luminous, smooth skin. Water flushes the kidneys and liver, enabling them to remove toxins. It is not only excellent for your body, but also for your brain as the intake of water fights dehydration, which can cause memory loss and senility over the long-term. You may have to urinate more but your bladder will be eliminating unwanted substances.

4. Citrus Fruits and Vegetables are a must.

Antioxidants are essential for healthy skin. Spinach and other leafy greens — as well as green tea — contain vast amounts of antioxidants. Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit have vitamin C, which boosts the skin’s production of collagen. Collagen is essential for skin elasticity, and firmness, and prevents the onset of premature wrinkling.

5. Sleep well.

A sound sleep provides the backbone for your well-being. A restful sleep refreshes your mental and physical condition so that you feel energetic when you wake up the next day. Nighttime is Mother Nature’s cue to rest your body after a hectic day filled with stressful events and anxiety. Hours of sleep before midnight are most effective for the body’s renewal. Aim to develop the habit of sleeping a few hours before midnight to rest and restore your mind and body. Remember that sleep deprivation has a negative impact on the overall quality of your life.

6. Exercise daily.

Exercise is the most effective way to counteract the effects of aging. Regular exercise improves muscle mass and raises the level of HDL (High Density Lipoproteins) cholesterol – the “good” cholesterol – in your body. Exercise makes the body stronger and leaner which, in turn, makes you look and feel both younger and healthier. Exercise is also the most effective way to control weight. The benefits of weight control are many — a healthier heart; a lower risk of Type 2 diabetes; more energy, and younger looks are just a few.

7. Practice Yoga or Meditation daily.

Your breathing slows; blood pressure decreases and stress hormone levels fall during the yoga or meditation practice. The beauty of yoga and meditation lies in their ability to create restful awareness. Your body rests while your mind is still active, yet quiet. Regular practice of meditation or yoga leads to less hypertension, blood pressure, heart disease and stress. A stronger body/mind connection is vital for feeling younger and healthier.

8. Fast for a day.

Fasting is an excellent way to detoxify your body. It’s a time allocated to avoiding food intake. Fasting detoxifies your body by giving the organs a rest and brings natural healing by cleansing out the body. Fasting also detoxifies your mind by eliminating anxiety, hypertension and stress. The process helps speed up weight loss, which in turn brings feelings of better health. However, before embarking upon any detoxification,  it is essential that you first seek the advice of a qualified Health care professional.

9. Develop healthy relationships.

Every relationship portrays us by revealing our view of others. A healthy relationship means changing the way we perceive the other person. It is essential to transform a toxic relationship into a harmonious relationship for a healthy and happy life. List the traits of the person involved in the toxic relationship. Your list may include — greedy, rude, self-centered, controlling. You may be surprised if you ask someone if any of these traits mirror your own personality. As you squash your desire to judge the other person with a grudge, you will feel a new understanding of the positive and pleasant characteristics of that person. Relationships are strengthened when needs are met by both parties. Try to understand the needs of the other person and do the best in your capacity to meet those needs. A healthy relationship will reduce stress, anxiety and other toxic emotions and make you feel healthier and happier.

10. Have a positive attitude.

The Placebo effect on the state of our health is well-known. Numerous studies have shown that when both doctor and patient believe in a specific treatment, the rate of success goes up significantly. My mother was told to remain bed ridden after losing her kidney yet her own perception and optimism won; she still lives an active life at the age of 72. Whatever you anticipate happening with your health will likely happen. You can use the effect of thoughts on your health to good advantage by breeding positivity in your life.

We live a life of choices. Why not choose some of these healthy frugal habits that can lead you to feel younger and live longer without costing a lot?

(Photo courtesy: Change for kids, Inc.)

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Comments (21)

I will be the first to admit it is sometimes difficult to have a positive attitude. When the going gets tough sometimes it is easy to get negative. Then getting negative sometimes leads to eating unhealthy and can spiral you out of control.

Good list, never thought of bathing with olive oil. I have put it on my dress shoes before though to rejuvenate the leather.

Christopher, Financial problems can impact your health. Good tip about using olive oil for the dress shoes.

Yoga is a great way to keep health in shape. It improves blood circulation as well as lung capacity.

I think keeping good health is like a habit or attitude which is developed with practice and discipline.

Karunesh, you are right on the money about Yoga and good health habits. Thank you for visiting.

Olive Oil is sooo amazing. It’s a great beauty product too; it gets rid of dry skin on my face without making me break out, it rejuvenates my eyes and acts like a hair product when smoothed over hair. It does smell a bit funny though.

Daisy, Olive oil really is amazing. Most people only use it for cooking, but it offers plethora of benefits for skin and hair care as well. Well said.

Love this! Retweeting! Being beautiful and healthy doesn’t have to break the bank. Has anyone ever broken out with olive oil? I tried argan oil and I broke out like mad! I gave it a whole month, too, so I gave it a good try! I wonder if some people can’t use the olive oil on the face? I want to try it so bad, though. I might give my skin a break for a while, then try it.

Michelle, thank you! We don’t have to spend like a celebrity to look good and feel younger; thanks for the tweet.

Great tips – except the bathing in Olive Oil. That just sounds gross! lol

I can check 6 of the 10 off and if I worked out or did yoga daily then I would have 8 of 10! Technically I have 6 wholes and 2 halves…I’ll take my 70% and run!

Jason, 7 out of 10 is pretty awesome! I’d say yoga is the best of the bunch as I practice it regularly.

70 was passing in school !!

that’s hilarious!

Developing healthy relationships is #1 priority – it nourishes my mentally and spiritually which drives better physical health. One thing I know I must to improve is drinking more water, so thanks for the reminder.

Alik, we are social animals. In that sense — no matter how smart we are — we have to develop healthy relations at home and at work.

Of the list above, fasting for a day is one that most people probably don’t think of right off hand. But it does give the body a rest.

Absolutely. I always feel more vigor after fasting, as it gives rest to my immune system. Well said. Thanks for visiting my site.


Does “I used to do must of these.” count for anything? Well, all except for the olive oil bath. I cook with it daily but always a shower, never a bath so that would never work for me.

Same with the fasting. I’ve heard that works, but if I need to clense, I just eat a heck of a lot of non soluble fiber and it just roots things right out.

Steve, thanks for sharing an alternative way to detox. But, remember, fasting also provides much needed rest to your immune system.

I found your post very helpful. I have linked your post at my website weekly roundup

Karunesh, Many thanks for the link.

[…] 10 Frugal Habits to Help You Look Younger and Live Longer The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not. — Mark Twain Have you dreaded looking in the mirror so that you might avoid the sight of some wrinkles on your face? Have you dreamed… Read more […]